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Tuesday Evening Group Meditation

Every Tuesday evening, Tanya guides in a vipassana/ mindfulness  style meditation. Vipassana is a simple technique of noticing the breath to remain present while at the same time clearly aware of what else is happening in the moment.  Meditation incorporates breathing techniques (pranayama) at the beginning of the practice.  This sitting meditation is 30 minutes long with time for discussions, teaching, and questions at the end. There are a number of seating options available.  Come as you are.


It’s FREE!


Every Tuesday Evening 7:30-8:15 pm.

Great for beginners to experienced meditators.

Guided Walking Meditation

The way we normally pay attention is by listening to what the mind has to say about our experience. This inner voice is constantly analyzing, judging, comparing, and narrating our experience.  When we walk mindfully we don’t use the mind to experience what is happening, we use the other 5 senses instead. Here we aren’t walking and thinking, but rather walking and noticing. We capture a broader sense of what is happening by paying attention to sounds, smells, sights, sensations and taste and without the mental commentary. Mindful walking brings the body, heart and mind into alignment with nature. This walk is a transformative experience and will leave a lasting impression long after the walk is over. This meditation walk is guided to keep attention tethered to the present moment. Tanya introduces you to the Now, and for the first time perhaps, you will know what its like to be fully present and fully alive.


Cost: $ 35.00/ walk


By appointment

Mindfulness at Work

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you. - Anne Lamott

Want to support the mental well-being of your co-workers? Mindfulness meditation has been proven to increase focus and productivity, build stronger social connections, boost the immune system thereby reducing sick time, and simply makes us feel happier. Offered as a 4 week mindfulness course, and includes recordings and materials. Customized to fit your needs and schedule.


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