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Inquiry Group Sessions

It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free. - J. Krishnamurti

Meditation is a technique for calmly observing what is happening without judgement. What makes meditation difficult is when our minds are agitated with thoughts that centre around feelings of regret, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, or any other kind of hurt. These energetic forces make it difficult to remain present as we constantly remember and re-live the past event over and over again our heads. In these inquiry sessions, we look deeply and compassionately at our subconscious thoughts, and see how these thoughts directly influence our behaviours and our ability to act compassionately towards ourself and others.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. - Marianne Williamson

In these sessions we compassionately question our long cherished thoughts and beliefs. We investigate their validity, we see how they may be hurting and limiting us.  Inquiry uncovers the errors in our perception, once it is seen how our thoughts are not true, and that holding onto them create suffering, then letting go becomes a  natural process.


Questions are answered privately using pen and paper and adequate time is offered for deep, quiet self reflection. Questions relate to themes like doubt, regret, trust vulnerablity,or  self-acceptance.  In these session we don’t dig into our personal stories but rather look objectively at shared experiences as such guilt, shame, envy, or living with uncertainty.  A sample question to explore the theme of envy may be:  What am I believing when I feel envious?….In what ways do I compare myself to others?…In what ways do I feel deficient?….How does the act of comparing affect my relationship with myself and others?…If I didn’t compare, how would my relationships with others and myself be different?…Who would I be without comparison?   Often questions arise spontaneously as we dig deeper into our belief structures.


Inquiry is unique in that there is no formal teaching per se, instead it is an investigation into your own Truth.  It is an inward looking and self investigation. Here, you are your own therapist and guru. The object of self inquiry is to end at the truth of your experience whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. Self compassion is added in large doses as we investigate the inner workings of our mind.


A side benefit to group inquiry is the genuine and authentic connections that we make with each other. Tanya keeps the group members grounded, focused, and maintains a feeling of safety, love, and acceptance. It is important to note that answers are shared voluntarily. This is a private investigation done in a group for added support.  Private 1:1 sessions are also available.


Each session begins with a Mindfulness Meditation and ends with Loving Kindness Meditation.


Cost is $ 20 per class (or $100/ 6 week session)

Space is limited to maximum of 6 participants. 

Next 6 week session begins:  May 2019

Personal Meditation Coaching and Inquiry

PERSONAL MEDITATION SUPPORT. If you are looking for personal support with your meditation practice, I offer 40 minute guided meditation walks (weather permitting), on-line live meditation sessions, or personal meditation coaching. Guided recordings are included with each session.


PRIVATE INQUIRY SESSIONS. Inquiry sessions are offered as a way to investigate old belief patterns, structures, and self imposed limitations. Uncover the root of who you are by investigating and letting go of what you are not. Investigate old grievances using the Byron Katie Approach to self inquiry.  All coaching sessions include guided meditation.


Cost: $75.00/hr. (Teen discounts available)

Contact Tanya by phone or email to set up a session.

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