What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is noticing thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations as they are happening. It is the practice of paying attention to the present moment with open awareness and acceptance.  By paying attention to our experience in a friendly detachment way, we begin to tune into the actual reality of our experience.  The goal of mindfulness meditation is to be conscious of our current experience and to gain insight into the nature of our reality.  When we do this, we feel relaxed, calm and centred.

Meditation is simple but not easy. It is not as much about stilling the mind as it is about observing the mind objectively. In mindfulness meditation we pay attention to what is truly happening right now, and cultivate the ability to stay with the experience as we watch it come and go. When we skillfully process and release difficult emotions during our meditation practice, we can then learn to do it automatically in our day to day life.

There are numerous benefits of long-term and consistent mindfulness practice…

For meditation to work and to reap the many benefits to mindfulness meditation, you actually have to do it! But, there is help! Lots of it! Free on line recordings, books, you-tube videos, courses, and no shortage of instructions. The benefits to meditation are directly linked to how often you practice. Establishing a meditation routine takes commitment, dedication and support.


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